OMS- Rising in the Ranks!

We are pleased to announce that O’Neal Manufacturing Services has been ranked the #2 metal fabricator in The Fabricator’s 2019 Fab 40!

Our director of sales, Michael Richey, shared some insight on the productivity of our company and the profitability of the industries we serve. As unemployment rates remain lower than ever, we attract suitable employers through our competitive pay rates and attractive benefit packages. Our employee surveys also provide potential newcomers with an understanding of balancing work and home life, supervisor relationships, and overall satisfaction.

As we continue to bring in new members to our team, we are adjusting to demand slowdowns and peaks in the different industries we serve. While the agricultural equipment market appears to be in a downshift, rail and construction industries have brought us “solid gains.” With the help of our 1400 employees, we were able to bring in $241 million in revenue in 2018 by providing services including sheet metal, plate, tube and pipe, and other fabrication needs to our customers.

Michael Richey.

“After having such a banner year [in 2018], we’re investing it back into the company and making some major technology investments.” -Michael Richey




We celebrate in surpassing our 2018 Fab 40 ranking of #3 and strive to push towards the #1 metal fabricator in 2020! #LetsBuildThings