OMS Ranks Through EmployIndy’s Good Wages Initiative

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is proud to announce that we are a Certified Good Wages Initiative Indianapolis employer of choice. Overseen by EmployIndy, the Good Wages Initiative (GWI) recognizes employers who pay a sustainable wage of $18 per hour and offer health benefits to full-time employees.

“Paying good wages and providing employer-sponsored health insurance provides businesses with critical advantages in today’s labor market, from reductions in turnover to increased productivity,” says Marie Mackintosh, EmployIndy’s chief strategy officer. “Employees experience reduced financial stress and improved health outcomes while the community benefits through increased buying power and overall job growth. Good Wages Initiative partner employers set themselves apart by publicly stating their commitment to ensuring Indianapolis has a vibrant economy that is good for businesses, good for workers, and good for the community.”

With Indianapolis’ competitive job market, O’Neal Manufacturing Services recognizes the importance of supporting both current and future employees.

“We are honored to be recognized by EmployIndy. Our company has worked consistently to offer competitive wages and benefits to our employees,” remarked Federico Fraga, General Manager for OMS in Indianapolis. “Attracting and retaining great employees allows us to be successful in the markets that we serve, balancing the interests of customers, employees, and our community.”