Strategically Placed Locations

By design all O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) locations are in, or near major manufacturing hubs such as Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Monterrey, Houston (and more) allowing single day travel. This coordinates project development and/or face to face meetings.

Each location is ISO 9001:2015 certified and contains a base package of equipment, with knowledgeable staff to support multi-step processing of steel plate fabrication and contract metal manufacturing. Many of our facilities have specialty equipment after years of supporting geographic concentrations of industry; others have become advanced by aligning with a single customer. Our services continue to develop from a capability standpoint based on strategic alignment with our customers. Our guarantee is simple- in exchange for your long-term commitment, we commit the full backing of our collective resources to help you go to market.

What makes a great state for manufacturing? It takes a combination of factors: an existing industrial base, the availability of talent, investment incentives, and favorable tax and regulatory environments. Global Trade magazine reveals the state of Texas has one of the most competitive incentive programs in the country. The Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) uses cash grants as a financial incentive to close deals that bring remarkable job creation and capital investment to the state. TEF has created more than 80,000 jobs since 2004 by investing $600 million across several industries. In 2015, the state passed a 25 percent reduction in the franchise tax, which frees up capital for companies to invest in their operations. Texas also offers sales tax exemptions on equipment and machinery. The state is positioned to provide its manufacturing industry with highly skilled workers from its population of one and a half million college and university students.

Louisville, Kentucky is another metro area with a growing, diverse range of industries. According to Forbes magazine, Louisville is listed as the eighth largest city where manufacturing is thriving in 2018. Our Louisville facility spans 125,000 square feet and focuses on multi-step processing of components and welded fabrications for long-term OEM partners. Another OMS facility in Cedar Falls, Iowa was part of a 2012 acquisition. Iowa Laser serves as one of the oldest laser processing facilities in the United States and today is one of the Midwest’s leaders in laser-based fabrication for equipment manufacturing. In addition to our locations in the United States, we expanded our team to Monterrey, Mexico, where leading industry expertise and product launch expertise is supplied to support customers in multiple industries. As one could imagine, how do we communicate with a language barrier? Many of our teammates at OMS Monterrey are bilingual and can easily translate for those who are not. We strive for easy communication between all our facilities and to our customers.

All OMS locations have been strategically placed to best serve those in need of manufacturing services. As our company continues to grow, we hope to expand near other major manufacturing hubs across North America.