What’s New in Houston!

O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ Houston facility is having a great year so far!

The team is currently adding a new 6’x12’ 9kW Amada Fiber Laser in August with full tower automation. This machine is capable of cutting 1” thick Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum and can run unattended through the weekend. Additionally, the new machine is more energy efficient, utilizing up to 90% less electricity per cutting watt than a traditional laser, with well over double the weekly output of our current machines!

While new machinery is being added to this facility, our Houston team is prioritizing zero accidents first. Safety Manager, James Roch, has been leading numerous projects to improve the safety of our employees and visitors. For instance, James added a safety slideshow at the entry into the office with a sign-off sheet that vendors and visitors must complete to enter the building. Increasing awareness is a key factor as the facility pursues zero accidents.

Our Houston facility is right in the center of energy, rail, heavy equipment, and general fabrication manufacturers and contractors. Eric Simpson, OMS-Houston’s Assistant General Manager, believes Houston’s greatest strength is “working out exceptionally cost-effective solutions for customer needs” not only in Texas, but in surrounding states as well.  The sales and engineering group is also creating value for our customers by collaborating on cost-savings that improve manufacturing abilities and optimize processes – the current projects are so successful that we anticipate that they will continue well into 2020.