Employee Spotlight – Joshua Rheinlander

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) would like to thank Joshua for the work ethic and value he brings to our Houston facility!

Scroll down to learn what a day in the life at OMS is like for Joshua.

How did you first learn about OMS?

I discovered OMS through an online job board posting about a year ago.

What have you gained by working at OMS?

Working for OMS has offered some great insights into the fundamental workings of a manufacturing company. Among the many things I have learned during my time with OMS, gained a broader view of the ins and outs when it comes to properly maintaining the wide variety of machines our company uses on a daily basis. I have also had the opportunity to develop strong interpersonal relationships with my fellow coworkers, all the while growing what hopes to be a long and successful career with a great company.

What is your favorite thing about working for OMS?

I would have to say my favorite thing about working at OMS is the varying work that has been put to me, which has allowed me to continue to expand my abilities and satiate my ever present curiosity and desire for knowledge

What is your role at OMS? How long have you been working at OMS?

My current position at OMS is a maintenance tech, I have held this role for the last seven months. I began my employment with OMS in the middle of December 2018.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am the oldest male in a family of ten kids. I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I have spent a large portion of my time trying out adventurous activities including deep sea diving, rock climbing, snowboarding and sky diving. I have also made fair attempts at more moderately paced hobbies such as cooking, fly tying, decorative knotting and am a decent hand with a needle and thread. I enjoy reading a broad range of subjects, listening to podcasts and spending time with my wife and dog when I can.

Where would you like to travel to?

I can’t really pick a particular place I would like to travel to more than any other. There are so many amazing places to see it would take a lifetime of travel to get to them all.

Favorite vacation spot?

Currently my favorite vacation spot is Park City Utah, which has become an annual destination for some of my family in the last few years.

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life I would have to say my wife’s turkey empanadas, they are absolutely fantastic.

What advice do you have for prospective OMS candidates?

Advice I can give to prospective candidates for this, or any company, is work hard, be available, and take pride in what you do. You put your name on your work and build your own reputation through your actions.

We look forward to seeing everything you accomplish in 2020. Thank you Joshua! #LetsBuildThings