Getting to Know Indianapolis

This year, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) Indianapolis facility has made a considerable investment to expand its manufacturing capabilities using the latest technology available. Below are a few of the new installations for 2019 at OMS Indianapolis:

TRUMPF TruLaser 5040 6KW Fiber Laser

With an approximate emitted radiation wavelength of 1.03 μm, the TruLaser increases productivity for Indianapolis through faster and more efficient material cutting. Due to its high precision during the manufacturing process, it can even eliminate some machining requirements.

  • Max Speed: 5,512 ipm
  • Accuracy: .002″
  • Repeatability: .0012″
  • Max Material Thickness: Mild Steel – 25 mm, Aluminum – 25 mm, SS – 25 mm, Copper & Brass – 10 mm
  • Cutting Range X Axis 160″ and Y Axis 80″
  • Maximum Work Piece 2000 kg
  • 30 Station Storage System with Capacity for 330,000#

Franklin Model AFC5108x196*3 Axis Angle Fabricator

The Axis Angle Fabricator allows for high tonnage capacity, fast tool changes, and can also act as a replacement unit. This fabricator allows for interchanging dies, unlike any other machine on the current market.

  • Tonnage Punch: 100 tons, Tonnage Shear: 196 tons
  • Max Angle size: 6 x 6 x 1/2
  • Max Hole Size: 1.5″
  • Max Flat Bar Size: 1/2 x 6″
  • 40′ Load System
  • Punches per Leg 3
  • Accuracy +/-1/32″

Haas VF-5/40

The Haas VF-5/40 is used to machine components by hole-making, tapping and face milling.

  • Travel: 50″ X Axis, 26″ Y Axis, and 29.2″ Z Axis
  • 8100 RPM Spindle, 40 Taper with 20 Tool Stations, 30hp
  • Midaco Table to Increase Productivity



Pangborn ES-1990 Mesh Belt

The Pangborn ES-1990 Mesh Belt is used to clean parts by removing oxide and scale from material with steel shot. The cleaning process will leave the product ready to paint.

  • Abrasive Media S330 Commercial Finish SSPC-6
  • Max Belt Load 400# per Linear Foot
  • Work Area 4′ Wide x 20″ High
  • Speed 6-10 FPM



Arku Edge Braker 400 plus Deburring Machine

The Arku Edge Braker 400 cleans edge slag that is left by oxyfuel and plasma processes and eliminates manual grinding operations.

  • Max. material thickness 4″
  • Minimum part dimensions 6 x 1.57″
  • Opening width 51″
  • Variable speed .2 to 6 m/min



This equipment allows for our experienced and skilled team at OMS Indianapolis to work safely, send out higher quality products to our customers, and be more productive. We look forward to seeing what our Indianapolis facility will accomplish in 2020! #LetsBuildThings