Power Grid Manufacturing Solutions in Pittsburgh, PA

O’Neal Manufacturing Services produces long-lasting, quality parts for the power generation industry. Our Ambridge, PA facility is a 200,000 sq. ft. powerhouse of multi-step metal fabrication and welded assemblies.

Peddinghaus Structural Steel Drill Line

Powerful drilling technology from Peddinghaus tackles the linear processing of beams, tubes, channels, angles, and flats with maximum operating time and drill hole quality.

  • High-Speed Drill/Saw Line
  • 3-Spindle Carbide Drilling
  • Miter and Straight Cut Sawing
  • Cope/Slot Milling
  • Tapping and, Countersinking
  • 2” – 24.5” Width
  • ¾” – 13.75” Height
  • 2” – 12” Angle

Manufacturing Support for the Pittsburgh Steel Industry

The O’Neal name brings substantial buying power to the Pittsburgh steel industry. Located adjacent to our sister company, O’Neal Steel, material availability couldn’t be simpler. Wide-Flange and I-Beams for construction, building, component, and other structural manufacturing applications are only steps away from our fabrication hub. Nestled between two Ambridge steel galvanizers, O’Neal Manufacturing Services is the first choice for companies requiring fabricated components, sub-assemblies, and weldments.

Manufacturing Capacity in the Energy Sector

OMS offers significant capacity and manufacturing redundancy. Our team is experienced in solving unique design-to-manufacturing challenges and will create the most effective solution for your project. Experience outstanding quality, on-time delivery, and significant savings to your supply chain with the capable team at O’Neal Manufacturing Services. Let’s Build Things! ®