Precision CNC Machining Solutions for Heavy Equipment Fabrication

O’Neal Manufacturing Services supports heavy equipment fabrication needs with precision, high-volume machining solutions. Across our fabrication hubs, we are equipped with over 30 milling and machining bays—from large, 5-axis milling operations to high-production CNC machining centers. Our commitment to on-time, repetitive fabrication through a broad spectrum of milling and machining options sets us apart in supporting your most critical applications.

  • Our vertical machining centers excel in processing the toughest materials, maintaining tight tolerance, and providing exceptional surface finish. 
  • With an extended work envelope and long Y-axis, our bridge mill is designed to machine large format parts, meeting the demands of your oversized production needs.
  • We offer multi-angle machining and simultaneous 5-axis contouring that are perfectly suited for large parts.
  • Large-capacity CNC milling centers are equipped with extra-large work beds, enabling high-speed milling for long workpieces.

Advantages of CNC Machining Centers

Machining centers at OMS operate through a combination of software programming and control systems that are designed to perform multiple turning, milling, and drilling operations. While basic functions of machining include milling, drilling, and tapping, CNC machining centers offer the advantage of automated tooling paired with the efficiency, precision, and stability required for repeatable, high-volume production.

Beyond the capabilities of standard milling and machining operations, advanced CNC technology is essential to achieve optimal manufacturing redundancies by maintaining tight tolerances and eliminating the need for additional manufacturing steps.

Experience the OMS Advantage

At OMS, we provide fully automated machining equipment, representing the most current in technology. This not only offers significant capacity but also ensures quality and reliability through every production cycle. We are the ideal partner for repeatable, high-volume fabrication tailored to meet the diverse needs of heavy equipment manufacturers.

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